Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Shozu and Nokia

I was without a cameraphone for a little while, then got a Nokia N80 was too new to run ShoZu, the handy Symbian app which makes uploading much easier (and runs in the background, handles disconnects/partial uploads, can postpone uploading if you are roaming, lets you add tags and edit the titles and descriptions on your phone, and a bunch more). I ended up losing that N80 and then getting another one and by that time a new version of ShoZu was out and this one ran on the N80.

The new version has an additional feature** though - it grabs the latest comments on your photos whenever it connects to the server. It also keeps a list of recent comments and remembers which ones you've already read.

ShoZu Comments

This has totally changed my mobile Flickr experience. Whenever I get one of those insane Silicon Valley four minute red lights or have a few moments to spare before a meeting starts, I can't help but check for new comments. And every time the star lights up, there's a little treat waiting. Very cool! I can't wait till I can respond and add comments to other people's photos as well!

ShoZu is free and is available to many phone model. Check it out:

** Turns out this feature isn't actually new. It's been around since earlier this year, but you had to manually enable it on ShoZu's site. Because not everyone has unlimited data plans, the ShoZu team was worried about causing their users unwanted charges for more data usage. Thoughtful blokes!


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