Thursday, August 17, 2006

BeeTagg : mobile tagging

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I tried this one out with our RENA mobile phones (come to see me for demoing …) Install was very easy, and the technology worked perfectly … a technology and company to follow. (read to meet).

What is Mobile Tagging?

Mobile Tagging is based on tags (or labels) which can be read by the built-in camera on most mobile phones.
Using the tag as a kind of universal code that enables a user to very
easily retrieve information from the internet no matter where they are.
Mobile Tagging can even be used for business transactions.
In daily life, tags provide the same function as hyperlinks in the virtual world of the internet.

Mobile Tags are the extension of the internet into reality. The mobile phone is assuming the function of a universal
pointing device like the computer mouse does. It will be our mobile mouse.

What is the difference to RFID?
RFID can be
used for similar applications like Mobile Tagging. But there are still
some important differences. For example RFID labels can not (yet) be
printed. They cannot be used in Newspapers, Magazines or on Business
Cards. Here is a list of the most important differences:

  • BeeTaggs can be printed on almost any surface. That’s why they are not as costly as RFID’s.
  • They can be copied or multiplied easily.
  • The user has to click on a BeeTagg with the camera of the mobile
    phone. Therefore the BeeTagg system is always “permission based”.
  • You can click a BeeTagg from far away (if it is big enough).


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